CS 5014 Homework 4
(a.k.a. Higham III)
Due November 28

Each of the sentences below contain a grammar or usage mistake. Find the mistakes and fix them.
  1. Furthermore, the ratio of alpha to beta, which is directly related to the levels of gamma in the mixture was not consistent with the predicted control batch value.

  2. Two samples were received for analysis; one from batch 29 that had low flavor, and another from batch 27 that was acceptable.

  3. Magicstuff 200 is more stable to oxygen than the current solvent, Magicstuff 100, therefore, both solvents are compared in the experiment.

  4. Stringent as always, the human cell vaccine is only in its testing stage by the Food and Drug Administration.

  5. The job fair is a means by which students can compliment their on-campus interview through direct contact with company representatives.

  6. When aiming the timing light at timing marks, be careful of the turning fan, also keep all wires away from the fan.

  7. I would like to thank the following people for the many hours they afforded me during my visit; Mr. J. Lee, Plant Engineer, Ms. S. Shaw, Quality Control Supervisor, and Ms. M. Bright, Chemist.

  8. The devices include pump sprays, Freon aerosols, pressurized rubber balloons and hydrocarbon propellants. The last was initially considered most promising, but they are flammable and incompatible with food products.

  9. The administration building, with its dingy windows and deep gray paint, house the administrative offices, including the infamous ``fishbowl.''

  10. Roger's Hall was once a razor blade factory, and this accounts for it's seamy appearance.