Design Presentation Dates

The following is a list of the order of group design presentations.
The auction to hire programmers will follow with teams in the same order.

Group 9 Monday September 25 Gifford, Ha, Buonomano OASIS
Group 7 Monday September 25 Hardin, Foughner, Damon Procedural 3D World in OpenGL
Group 6 Tuesday September 26 Oberhardt, Cooper, Hinkle Multiplayer 'Pac-man'
Group 5 Tuesday September 26 Roden, Adams, Mescher Programming Teacher
Group 1 Tuesday September 26 Child, Matyas, Forcier Online Rubik's Cube
Group 4 Tuesday September 26 Dennison, Jones, Keppel Clue
Group 8 Wednesday September 27 Lawrence, Kochmar, Pappas UIML IDE
Group 2 Wednesday September 27 Venkatesan, Rodriguez, Mross Bitman
Group 3 Wednesday September 27 Luebke, Belanger, Gunsolley Hokie Heroes