Multimedia Lab - Equipment availability and reservation

The available equipment includes:


To use the equipment, please:

Reserve the equipment by signing up on the forms located inside McB 110 (multimedia lab). Any group can book the portable equipment for a period of up to one day. In the case of the machines, it is enough that you write your name on the sheet. For the portable equipment, please include your email address and telephone too, so we can coordinate in case the equipment is in high demand.

After that, your group will have to wait five days until using it again, unless:
A) At any time, if no member of a team claims the equipment by 15 minutes after the time the equipment piece was originally reserved, then the time slot will be considered empty and the equipment will be available to other teams.
B) All time slots for the current day that were not booked by 10:00AM are considered free to use for all teams. This means that if a team have used some equipment the day before and wishes to use it the next day, then they can come to the lab the next day after 10:00AM and reserve any available slots for that day only.

Any person who uses the equipment available in the lab is responsible for it while in use. Please reserve only the time you need, and return the equipment at the right time, so other teams can use it.


To take the books: