CS4624 News 970508

News from May 8, 1997

Final Grades Posted Outside McB 606

The final grades are posted on the door of the instructor.


Please return keys, books, tapes, MO discs, and any other items. Please turn in opscans or other forms you still have.


Please clean up your video accounts, unless you are leaving your project data there. Do the same for the Mac or the PCs in McB 110. If you want your account to stay past the end of May 1997, be sure to contact the instructor --- otherwise accounts will be terminated.

Future Learning

There are many publications and job opportunities now and in the future in the area of Multimedia, Hypertext and Information Access. To stay current, you may wish to joint ACM SIGmultimedia or attend its annual conference.

For popular information, see the online NewMedia Magazine.

Best Wishes !! --- eaf