CS4624 Sydow

A collection of files from the book QuickTime Macintosh Multimedia by Dan Parks Sydow, published by MIS Press in 1994, has been loaded onto the Assignments disk in the Derring 2069 lab. The collection includes runnable programs and various files related to C programming with QuickTime.

QuickTime is a system software extension, loaded into the Extensions part of the System Folder of the Macintosh. If is also available for Windows and SGI systems.

QuickTime movies can be included in many applications, like Microsoft Word and Excel, Aldus Persuasion, and HyperCard. In some ways it thus corresponds to MIME, which allows multimedia information to be incorporated into email.

One can work with QuickTime movies in many ways: Apple's Movie Player, the MovieMaker program provided with the Sydow book, Adobe Premiere, etc.

QuickTime movies are stored in files, and are made of frames, so they can be played back as a sequence of frames. The two most common types of movies are: motion video, and animation. These usually are created in different ways, sometimes with different tools. Both can compressed and later decompressed, though the codec used may vary.

Movie Toolbox: functions callable from programs to open, play and alter movies. For example:

Movie Toolbox Managers:

QuickTime Compressors:

PROGRAMS in Sydow Book:

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