CS4624 Premiere

In the Media Center, 2nd floor of the Library, are videorecordings about Premiere. A brief, sales-type demonstration, is the 22 min. program "A video demonstration of Adobe Premiere 3.0", Video 4470. An in-depth training program on the latest version, 4.0, is " Adobe premiere", Video 4884, on 3 videocassettes.

If you want to buy Premiere, note that Adobe Premiere Limited Edition is part of the Audition package, available at the bookstore.

For more information see Adobe's home page for it.

It has many features for Assembling Movies, Editing Clips, Using Special Effects or Filters, Adding Superimposed Clips, and Producing (Compiling, Playing, Videotaping) Movies.

To capture video using the system in McB 110, see the online instructions.

Here is a short overview, probably sufficient for you to get started if you use VideoVision Studio or other packages in the New Media Center: Capturing Video allows collection of video and sound by selecting New from the File menu and then choosing Movie Capture or Audio Capture. Enter the name of the videotape into the Reel Name box. Select Recording Settings and then use the Video Input and Sound Input commands. Select the Compression Settings. Play from the tape deck and click Record.

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