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AuthorWare Demonstration


You will work with a demonstration of Authorware's capabilities. To help people learn about AuthorWare, David DeVaux did his M.S. project on this topic and prepared the following relevant routines:

Since that time, new versions of AuthorWare have been developed, that require new files. Thus, file multdev.a3m replaces the old multdev and file multdev.apl replaces the old multdev.lib. Also, the Derring 2069 lab has had to buy copies of AuthorWare which should be installed on Feb. 3.

Demo of Authorware

The first part of your effort should be to run a demonstration of Authorware, called apdemo.

To run the demo in the Derring 2069 lab, launch apmdemo from the Applications part of the desktop. Follow directions, to learn how Authorware works. Be sure to plug in your headphones so you can receive audio instructions. Exit when you are done. NOTE: Make sure to learn the material presented in the demo and to become familiar with the different media elements incorporated therein.

AuthorWare Exercise

You will learn how to program in Authorware, turning in a diskette with what you develop. If you show your finished work to the instructor, however, you need not turn in a diskette. The building blocks you will start with are:

Please follow the online instructions in PDF or as GIF pages to complete this exercise in the lab and then turn in your diskette to the instructor. In the process of doing so, you will use most of the Authorware icons. Try to be somewhat familiar with the function of each of them, and pay special atttention to how program execution flow occurs in Authorware (this includes understanding the Authorware "flowline").

To run the multdev Authorware application, follow one of these plans:

  1. In McBryde 110, on the Mac called Boris, follow the directions on the handout left by that machine. (They are a printout of the instructions mentioned above, with some notes on the first page to relate to the setup on Boris.) There is a version of Authorware 3.5 on the machine, and a folder for this unit exercise.
  2. In Derring 2069, once Authorware is installed, launch it from the Applications part of the desktop, and then follow the online instructions mentioned above.
  3. In the New Media Center, on any Mac, click on the Apple Menu and from that select Online Resources, and then Tutorials & Samples under it. The result is that a directory will open up on the desktop. Double click on the entry there for CS-4624. You will see the subdirectory AC listed. Drag that to the desktop, and close the directories CS-4624 and Tutorials & Samples. Now open AC, and double click on multdev.a3m to launch it under Authorware. The rest of the online directions should work, if you use files in that AC folder on the desktop. Be sure to use multdev.apl when you need the library of files.
  4. If you are elsewhere on campus, on a Mac with Authorware, use the Chooser, select AppleShare, then select the New Media Center (LIBR) zone, and the NMC Server there. Login as guest and you then get to the Tutorials & Samples files mentioned in option 3 above. Follow steps like those for option 3 to access the same files, over the network.

Note: Since Authorware is such an important part of this unit, you should expect 2-3 questions on it in the Quiz.

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