CS4624 Computer Use - basics

Computer Use for CS4624

Many computers will be of use in this course, in a variety of capacities.

Devices to Get Connected to Internet

Computers to Run Mosaic From

Principal Uses of Various Computers

Using X Terminals

  1. Hit RETURN to boot X-terminal (if not already booted).

  2. To make connections: To create a telnet connection to any TCP/IP machine select TELNET Terminal Window in the Create menu of the VXT V1.0 window. Enter the fully qualified host name (or IP address) for the machine to establish the connection. A window will appear for you to log into the chosen machine. Login, giving the appropriate password. Then set the display to
    your terminal with:
    setenv DISPLAY name.cs.vt.edu:0.0
    In most cases you will use Mosaic (sometimes called xmosaic or mosaic).

  3. To end your sessions: Log out of or close ALL windows and session managers. Choose the Quit option under the Session menu of the VXT V1.0 window. Verify that you want to quit.

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