CS4984, Spring 1996 --- Student Photo/Home Pages - Thu Lab

The following projects were undertaken:

The class had photos online but these have been archived, so links below to JPEG files will not work. (eaf 1/11/98)

  1. (VRL) Anderson, Brian J.
  2. (HST) Atwood, Charles R. with home page
  3. (VRL) Bailey, Joseph L. (please make lighter)
  4. (IFM) Cooper, Leonard G. with home page
  5. (BEV) Harvey, Kevin A. with home page
  6. (VRL) Hoang, Dat T. with home page
  7. (VRL) Hoffman, Craig S.
  8. (WOO) Hryn, Jonathan E.
  9. (IFM) Hudson, Michael
  10. (BEV) Kang, Sang R. with home page
  11. (IFM) Keener, Charles W.
  12. (IFM) Krebs, Victor R. III with home page
  13. (HST) Lido, Jon-Erik V. (please supply JPEG)
  14. (VRL) Lucia, Arthur H.
  15. (HST) Marston, Michael J.
  16. (WOO) McCrohan, Sean M.
  17. (WOO) McFarland, Terry R.
  18. (IFM) McKenzie, Marianne
  19. (BEV) Mitchell, Jeffrey A.
  20. (WOO) Peshoff, Jeffrey D.
  21. (VRL) Qazi, Usman
  22. (BEV) Ross, Jeffrey D. with home page
  23. (HST) Wagliardo, Andrew T. with home page