CS4624 News 960503

News from May 3, 1996

Logistics for final:

We will attempt to get the rooms (Derring 2069 for Tue section, McB 116-118 for Thu section) open by 7:30am (Tue, 5/7) for the final. You can use the WWW and connect to your files on various computers. For safety sake you may want to replicate key files of your notes on video.cs.vt.edu in case other computers are down, or to bring a diskette, etc. since it is unlikely that we can get computers or networks fixed if there is a problem at that time in the morning.

Turning in work:

When WWW files serve as the project deliverables, please provide the URL and we will grade that version. If you wish to turn in paper, please give it to the instructor, GTA, or CS office (or leave it in the instructor or GTA's mailbox). Also, you may leave items that are not confidential (e.g., not quizes) in a box that will be provided outside the instructor's door --- this will work for the opscans, for example.

Client comments, peer evaluations:

Remember to schedule a presentation with the "client" for your project if you have not, since their comments will make up part of the project grade. Remember to send by email to the instructor your peer evaluation for those in your project team.