Photos of CS4984 Class Members Spring 1995 - Tue/Thu

Hugh B. Anderson
Wilfred S. Boayue, Jr.
Roger P. Bodnar, Jr.
Barilee Chamberlain
Jun Chen
Troy T. Fujimura
Christopher B. Fury
Joseph L. Gabbard, Jr.
Kevin A. Hoffman
Leonard E. Holston
Clement Iheanacho
Dustin L. Irby
Philip L. Isenhour
Kevin S. Marshall
Stevie Lee Martin
Stephen J. Moore
James B. Newborn
Edwin H. Nieves
Patrick D. Ordona
Christopher L. Parker
Michael J. Pendleton
Kevin M. Reece
Roger L. Sours, Jr.
Hung B. Van
David B. Wilson
John J.K. Yeung

Above are anchors for photos taken with an Apple QuickTake camera, stored in its compressed PICT format, converted to TIFF, and then compressed as JPEG files.

Please send electronic mail to the instructor with "Subject" line including the words "CS4984 photos" if you have any comments or concerns. In particular, if you can identify any without a name, or correct an error in one of the names, please do so.