CS4624 Project Ideas

There are many possible projects suitable for CS4624 on Multimedia, Hypertext and Information Access. Please look over the suggested projects in the list below, or propose a project of your own creation to the instructor for refinement and consideration.

Background for Projects

To better understand the various projects discussed below, you may want to study the information available from the links below.

  1. Digital Library Research Laboratory (at Virginia Tech): follow links regarding MARIAN, Envision, Open Archives Initiative, PetaPlex
  2. Regarding Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs), see Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations and the Search Site for ETDs

Suggested Projects

Note that ones with "(n)" before the title have "n" subparts.
  1. (5) VT Museum of Natural History work to build digital library of images/VR/info
  2. (10) PetaPlex - multiple projects on 100 processor 2.5 Tbyte system at VT
  3. Implementing Bioinformatics Tools on the PetaPlex
  4. MARIAN digital library system developed at VT - complete porting to Java, add capabilities to support multimedia
  5. ENVISION interface developed at VT for visualizing search results
  6. Open Archives Initiative (OAI) annotation service
  7. Open Archives Initiative (OAI) on campus support
  8. Physics Digital Library and the Open Archives Initiative
  9. ETDs in Germany and US and the Open Archives Initiative
  10. ETDs - Federated Search to search multiple OAI sites for NDLTD
  11. ETDs - XML method for authoring works
  12. ETDs - Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) to route interesting works based on user profiles
  13. ETDs - Similar Documents to detect plagiarism and find similar ETDs
  14. ETDs - ResearchIndex to build an ETD citation database and detect plagiarism
  15. National Science Digital Library - CS History Proposal
  16. National Science Digital Library - CS Collection Proposal
  17. National Science Digital Library - CS Crawling and Analysis
  18. UDLA interoperability - install, apply visualization
  19. MIRAGE digital library system developed in Korea - install, make interoperable
  20. Phronesis digital library system developed in Mexico - make interoperable
  21. Greenstone digital library system developed in NZ - make interoperable
  22. Text Retrieval Conference work to compare our systems with others
  23. 5S Framework for Digital Libraries
  24. DLDL Digital Library Definition Language
  25. NCSTRL VT getting CS tech reports working
  26. Blacksburg Country Club web site, virtual tour, etc.
  27. Audio archiving in XML - with an audio engineer and expert on preservation
  28. IIT database handling of text retrieval for large collections
  29. IBM VM Linux - experiment with course s/w on multiple Linux VMs
  30. IBM VideoCharger - install and experiment with streaming video
  31. (2) CS Video - work with Sandra Birch to produce CS video(s)
  32. Set Top Box - work with Prof. Ing-Ray Chen on set top box solutions
  33. Finding applets and other helpful resources to learn about computing
  34. e-numerate on Campus handling and visualizing data with XML
  35. WPI Communications
  36. Hospitality and Tourism Dept. online course

Project Teams

To learn about personality issues that may help you select a project group, and work more effectively with other group members, see a variant of the Myers Briggs personality test that you can take in about 5 minutes. (For background you might enjoy the newsgroup for the discussion of personality typing systems.)