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CS4414 Issues in Scientific Computing

Spring 1998, MWF 10:00-10:50 @ McB 224

Instructor: L. T. Watson, 630 McBryde, 231-7540, ltw@cs.vt.edu

Office Hours: M 9:00-10:00, WF 8:30-10:00, and by appointment

GTA: Denitza Krasteva, McB 116 lab hours: Th 9:00-11:00, F 9:00-10:00, dkrastev@vt.edu

Syllabus: syllabus.ps

Announcements (Feb 10, 98)


Designing and Building Parallel Programs
HTML quick reference
CS3414 - Numerical Analysis
Scientific Problem Solving Environments
Mathematica Examples

Intel Paragon

Basic Hints
At the Virginia Tech Computing Center
Paragon_study_guide.ps.Z - Tutorial

High Performance Fortran

Fortran 77D/90D Scalable and Portable Software Modules for SIMD and MIMD Distributed Memory Parallel Computers
IBM SP2 at HKU : High Performance Fortran
PGI Welcome Page
HPF courses available
Fortran Fortran and more Fortran.
High Performance Fortran Handbook
High Performance Fortran
Class 2: High Performance Fortran
Parallel Programming Resources


MPI V1.1 Validation Suite
Users' Guide to mpich, a Portable Implementation of MPI
MPE Graphics---Scalable X11 Graphics in MPI
Other MPI Documentation
MPI- The Message Passing Interface Standard
Webpages for MPI and MPE
MPI- Message Passing Interface
MPI:It's Easy to Get Started
MPI Course Notes from Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre
Cornell Theory Center workshop modules

Advanced Computing Lab (ACL)

Location: Math Emporium, University City Boulevard (next to University Mall)

Network connections: None of the machines can be accessed remotely -- they can only be used from the lab. Full access to the campus network is available from there.

Lab Layout

Programming Environments

  • SpeedShop - an integrated package of performance tools.
  • Cosmo Code - a graphical development environment for the rapid creation of Java applications.
  • MineSet - provides tools for the analysis and visualization of large quantities of data.
  • Developer Magic/WorkShop - is a set of four integrated programming tools that enable the individual programmer to analyze code structure, to debug compiled code, to tune run-time performance, and to analyze code for test coverage. Together the WorkShop tools provide a multi-view, interactive programming environment for developing soft- ware in C, C++, or Fortran.
  • RapidApp - is an easy-to-use user interface builder that allows programmers to develop applications quickly and interactively. RapidApp uses Motif and generates C++ code based on the ViewKit application frame- work. RapidApp also helps programmers create programs that use OpenGL, Inventor, ViewKit, ImageVision, Web access libraries, and other SGI libraries.
  • ViewKit - is a C++ class library that enables programmers to develop Motif user interfaces more efficiently and more effectively.
  • CITE (Compiler Information Through Emacs) - is a package for the performance oriented programmer. It works inside XEmacs to present detailed compiler information from the MIPSPro compiler at the level of the source program. It helps the programmer understand how his program maps on to the machine by providing access to information from the optimizations performed by the compiler.
  • CHALENGEcomplib - is a comprehensive collection of highperformance math- ematical libraries that provide technical support for mathematical and numerical techniques used in scientific and technical computing. These libraries include free, public-domain software such as LAPACK, LINPACK and EISPACK, provided by SGI for your convenience. Support is limited to bug fixes at SGI's discretion.
  • IRIS Digital Media Development Environment - contains libraries, headers, and example source code which allow you write programs to take advantage of the digital media capabilities of your SGI workstation.
  • Documenter's WorkBench - is a software package for producing formatted documents.
  • Graphics Library Development Environments

  • ImageVision Library (IL) - is an object-oriented, extensible toolkit for creating, processing, and displaying images on all SGI workstations.
  • Imglab - is an image processing tookit built on top of the ImageVision Library.
  • ImageVision Tools - are a set of image generation and manipulation utilities.
  • IRIS InSight Viewer - lets you access Silicon Graphics' online document and support libraries.
  • Open Inventor - is an object-oriented toolkit for developing interactive, 3D graphics applications.
  • MediaWarehouse - provides built-in type-specific media viewers and a keyword search mechanism to allow users to quickly examine and browse through the data objects.
  • The Molecular Inventor 1.0 Development Kit - is the first release of the Molecular Inventor toolkit. It extends the capabilities of Open Inventor to more efficiently render objects encountered in molecular graphics.
  • The Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) - provides a suite of tools that co-operate to deliver distributed, integrated performance monitoring and performance management services across the spectrum of performance domains, i.e. for hardware platforms, operating systems, DBMS and applications.
  • IRIS Performer - provides a powerful and extensible programming interface (with ANSI C++ and C bindings) for creating real-time visual simu- lation, virtual sets, performance animation, virtual reality, engineering visualization, and other interactive graphics applications.
  • Sgsearch - is a fulltext indexing toolkit. The sgsearch tools are used to build searchable fulltext indexes from HTML documents.
  • IRIS Showcase - is an integrated drawing and presentation program. It provides the tools you need to create text, drawings and images, 3D models, on-screen slide shows, and much more.
  • Compilers (7.1)

  • C++ Compiler - is an environment for compiling programs written in the C++ programming language. This environment allows access to standard IRIX features and to the Graphics Library. The MIPSpro 7.1 release of the compiler is a native C++ compiler based on a frontend from the Edison Design Group.
  • MIPSpro C compiler - supports compilation in three modes: 32-bit (-32), 64-bit (-64) and High Performance 32-bit (-n32).
  • MIPSpro Fortran 77 7.1 compiler - The F77 compiler includes the compiler driver, preprocessors and front ends. The MIPSpro F77 compiler supports compilation in 32-bit, 64-bit and high performance 32-bit (n32) modes.
  • MIPSpro Fortran 90 compiler - driver and front end. The MIPSpro F90 compiler supports compilation in either 64-bit mode with -64 or the new high performance 32-bit (n32) mode with -n32.
  • SGI Ada95 Development System version 1.2
  • MIPS Pascal - This version of Pascal supports 32-bit compilations only. This release of Pascal is a superset of the ANSI/IEEE770X3.97-1983 National Standard for Pascal, which is equivalent to the ISO/7185 International Standard. Some extensions have been added to Pascal to facilitate its use in the IRIX environment. Pascal 7.1 is compatible with the 32-bit Fortran and C languages available with the 6.2 IRIX compilers, and can be used with the full range of programming tools available, including the debugger dbx.
  • Scientific Computing Software

  • Geomview 1.6.1 - Interactive 3D geometry viewing program written at the Geometry Center (University of Minnesota).
  • Mathematica 3.0
  • Matlab 5.1
  • LSF 3.1 - Platform Computings Batch Scheduler
  • Hardware

  • 11 - SGI O2's
    175 MHz R10000 Processor
    128 MBs Real Memory
    20" Monitor
  • 2 - SGI O2's
    175 MHz R10000 Processor
    128 MBs Real Memory
    20" Monitor
    Video I/O
  • 2 - SGI Octanes
    195 MHz R10000 Processor
    128 MBs Real Memory
    4 MBs Texture Memory
    20" Monitor
  • 1 - SGI Origin 200 File Server
    4 - 180 MHz R10000 Processors
    256 MBs Real Memory
    45 GBs of mountable disk space
  • 1 - Presenter Package (runs on one of the eleven O2's)
    High-Res Presenter 13" 1280x1024 LCD Flat Panel Display
    High-Intensity Dukane Overhead Projector
  • 1 - HP DLT4000 Tape Drive
  • 1 - SGI 4mm DAT Tape Drive

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