CS/Math 4414: Issues in Scientific Computing - Spring 2013

Tue/Thu 11.00 - 12.15 RAND 318

"The purpose of computing is insight, not numbers", R. H. Hamming

Instructor:        Alexey Onufriev
Office:              2160C Torgersen Hall
Phone:              (540)231-4237
Email:               onufriev@cs.vt.edu
Office Hours:    Wed. 2-4 pm
GTA:          Yao Zhang
Office:               MCB 106
Email:               yaozhang@vt.edu
Office Hours: Fri. 9-11 am   
Recommended Texts:
Syllabus: PDF
Practical examples
UNIX Basics
Homework Solution Hints
  • Extra credit 1
  • HW1. Solution sketch.
  • HW2. Solution sketch.
  • HW4. Solution sketch.

  • Brief projects info
  • What to present, when, and how
  • Final report template
  • Final report template files

  • Ten Simple Rules for Making Good Oral Presentations

    • Brainstorming results due in class the week of Feb 26.
    • Mid-term progress reports due in class the week of April 8. Same presentation order as the first time
    • Project Stage II Evaluations
    • Final report: see "what to present, when and how", above. Submit via VT Scholar. No late submissions under any circumstance.
    Project-specific notes:
    Computer Resources