CS 4124: Theory of Computation
Fall Semester, 2005

Course Listserv

  • Course listserv

    The listserv CS4124_91536@listserv.vt.edu is available for class-wide discussions and announcements. Anyone can post messages to the listserv. This will often be the most efficient way to get answers to questions, for example.

  • Accessing the listserv archives

    1. Go to home of the VT LISTSERV server and to Registering your LISTSERV Password to register a password.

    2. Go to Login Required and make certain that you can login to a session using the password you just registered.

    3. If you are not on the Subscriber's Corner page, then select Subscriber's Corner on the left.

    4. Select the CS4124_91536 Discussion List in your table of suscribed lists.

    5. Select List Archives on the left to access the archives of the listserv.

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