CS4124 Theory of Computation

HW #2: 10 problems

Due Wednesday 8 September 1999 at 1200 hrs

Late policy: 10%/day up to 50% (weekends = 1 day)

If your paper is illegible, you will lose points

  1. Create a DFSA for a soda machine. Assume that $.20 will buy a soda (ha! otherwise, the machine gets quite large) and that legal inputs are {$.05, $.10, $.25, coke, classic_coke, sprite}. Other inputs ($.01) cause the machine to loop on its current state. Try to build a reasonably realistic machine.
  2. (Hopcroft and Ullman) Consider the toy shown below. A marble is dropped in at A or B. Levers x1, x2, and x3 cause the marble to fall either to the left or right. Whenever a marble encounters a lever, it causes the lever to change state, so that the next marble to encounter the lever will take the opposite branch.
  3. (Gregory Taylor) Give the finite state machine to recognize an identifier in the C++ programming language. Don’t worry about reserved words! Your fsa will simply accept any reserved word as an identifier.
  4. (Greenlaw and Hoover) Can a DFSA have an infinite computation? (You will have to think about what a computation is in such a machine.) Justify your answer.

Problem 2.1.3 of our text

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Problem 2.1.5

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