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Welcome - Last Updated September 29
Welcome to the wonderful world of computation .... Friday, September 29 10:56 ET Jiang

    This webpage is written for CS 4124 Theory of Computation MWF 10:10--11:00 McBryde 216 (Fall, 2000).

Syllabus - Last Updated September 29
Class contract .... Friday, September 29 10:56 ET Jiang

CS4124 Theory of Computation MWF 10:10--11:00 McBryde 216
Instructor: L. T. Watson, 630 McBryde, 231-7540,ltw@cs.vt.edu 
Office Hours:
11:00--12:00 MWF, and by appointment.
Math 3134 or Math 3034.
Text: J. E. Savage, Models of Computation Addison-Wesley, 1998.
Topics Covered: Logic circuits, Boolean function normal forms, prefix computations, arithmetic, circuit complexity, finite-state machines, random-access machines, Turing machines, simulation, pushdown automata, regular and context-free languages, models of computability, reducibility and insolvability, recursive function theory, parallel computation, space-time tradeoffs. 
Grading: FINAL GRADE will be the average of two in-class exams (50%), 
a final examination (25%), and homework and class participation (25%).

Final Exam: 07:45--9:45am Wednesday, December 13, 2000.

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R. G. Taylor,
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Announcements - Last Updated December 15

    12/15/2000 (9:00) - Answers to the final exam are posted by Dr. Watson's door. Final grades have been submitted, and should be available on the Hokie SPA.

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