General Assignment Guidelines

These are general guidelines for homework assignments.

  1. Unless another format is specified for a particular assignment, all assignment submissions should be in either .pdf format or in some format that can be read by Microsoft Word. Do not use ".docx" (MS 2007) format. If you want to use LaTeX (which I advise doing, as it is a good tool for this task), you can use this template.
  2. All homework submissions must be made to Web-CAT.
  3. While no assignments in this class are explicitly graded on use of English, all assignments are expected to be written with good English grammar, style, spelling, punctuation, etc. If the writing is bad enough, a penalty will be given.
  4. Answers to problems should be as long as necessary and no longer. Certainly you will be marked down if an answer is incomplete. It is also possible to be marked down for being too wordy or providing irrelevent material, though I don't expect this to happen often.
  5. Homework assignments for this class are intended to be done in pairs. Using a partner is optional, but you are advised to work with a partner. You are free to use different partners for different assignments. You are free to work with a partner on some, all, or none of these assignments. When working as a pair, both students will normally receive the same grade. Groups of more than two people working together on an assignment are strictly forbidden and will be treated as an honor code violation. You may not switch partners in the middle of an assignment. In other words, you may not discuss solutions for any given assignment with more than one person in the class.
  6. When you work with a partner, it is not permitted for one partner to work some problems and the other partner to work other problems. The problems are meant to be done jointly by both partners (though each might work on aspects of a problem individually at times). Both partners are responsible for completely understanding their answers. Both partners are responsible for carefully checking on the correctness and completeness of the answers. Sometimes one partner will be the primary solver for a given problem, while the other is the checker/verifier that the solution is correct.
  7. If your assignment is done with a partner then the following rules apply. The final submission should contain the name of both partners. Only one of the partners should submit the assignment to Web-CAT. Every problem on the assignment should include a description that indicates how each partner contributed to the problem solution.
  8. All assignments must include the following pledge:

    I have not received unauthorized aid on this assignment. I understand the answers that I have submitted. The answers submitted have not been directly copied from another source, but instead are written in my own words.

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