Fall 2004 CS 4104 Homework Assignment 9

Due: Friday, October 29 at 11:00 PM

This assignment is worth a total of 50 points.

All homework will be submitted electronically, using the curator system. You may submit your homework in PDF or Postscript form, or in any format that can be opened using Microsoft Word (including plain ASCII text). Note, however, that readability is important to your grade, and that you often need to typeset mathematical equations. If you submit more than one version of your homework, we will store all submissions, but will actually grade the latest one. Make sure that your file contains at the top your name, your ID number, your email address, as well as your partner's name, ID number and email address. All submissions MUST contain the following statement exactly as written here:

I understand the answers that I have submitted. The answers submitted have not been directly copied from another source, but instead are written in my own words.

Two students may work together and jointly submit the homework assignment. If this is done, the submission MUST also contain a statement detailing the contribution of each student to the solution of each problem.

1. Rawlins Chapter 5, Problem 12. Your answer should be better than 2n - 3 for n greater than 3.

2. Rawlins Chapter 6, Exercise 2.

3. Rawlins Chapter 6, Exercise 3.

Please note: I originally made a mistake and posted this homework showing PROBLEMS 2 and 3 instead of EXERCISES 2 and 3. I've changed the due date to Friday to give another day, and if you prefer to do the problems instead of the exercises (both, you can't pick and chose between them), I'll take those instead.