cs3724:  Introduction to HCI

Syllabus, Spring 2004, North and Harrison


TR 5:00-6:15pm
McBryde 209
CRN: 11499
Final Exam:  May 08, 7:00-9:00pm
Prerequisites:  cs2604 required
Mandatory first day attendance.
MW 2:30-3:45pm
McBryde 126
CRN: 11500
Final Exam:  May 10, 2:05-4:05pm
Prerequisites:  cs2604 required
Mandatory first day attendance.
Dr. Chris North
634 McBryde Hall
Office Hours:  MW 3:00-5:00pm
Steve Harrison
510 McBryde Hall
Office Hours:  MW 1:20-2:20pm, 3:50-4:50pm
Teaching Assistant:
Kibum Kim
Office Hours:  T Th 9:30-11:30am, Torgerson 3160A, or by appointment.
Jacob Somervell
Office Hours:  MW 9:00-11:00am, McBryde 104, or by appointment.
Text: Website: Grading:
40%  Project
30%  Homeworks
25%  Exams
5%    Presentation
This course covers the basic elements of design, development, and evaluation of software user interfaces.  Approximately 50% of the course is devoted to the scenario-based usability engineering methodology, and 50% to graphical user interface programming concepts.  Topics covered include:
The course is heavily discussion based and requires self motivation.  Students are expected to learn some of the material on their own, since only major conepts are discussed and explored in lectures.  Students present short presentations in class.  A large portion of the grading is devoted to a sizable design and C# implementation project that students do in small groups.  Some assignments are of an open-ended nature, requiring creativity in application of concepts for success.
Honor System:
The Honor System policies of the University and Computer Science Department are to be observed in this course.  All assignments (with the exception of the group project) must be completed by students working alone.  The group project must be completed by the members of the group only.