Homework #3:  Visualization Tools

The goal of this homework is to experience and practice the use of visualization tools, accustom yourself to seeing data in new ways, discover something new in data, and think critically about visualizations.

Download the following visualization tool for examining hard-drive directory tree structures:

That site has more detailed information about how to use the tool.  SequoiaView is based on the TreeMap concept, and lots more can be learned about TreeMaps here.  Use SequoiaView to examine your hard-drive contents, analyze differences between SequoiaView and WindowsExplorer, and write a short report.

Report:  Write a 2 page report about your findings and about the visualization tool.  You should specifically answer these questions:

  1. (1 page)  Data findings:  Describe 2 interesting discoveries you made about your directories.  You must convince me of your findings.  Use pictures to show your claims (e.g. screenshots of visualizations -- Alt-PrintScrn captures a screenshot that can be pasted into word processors).  Pictures can be on an additional page.
  2. (1 page)  Compare and critique:  Answer the following 2 questions about the differences between SequoiaView and WindowsExplorer. Focus your comparison on the primary views themselves, not the other details of the user interfaces such as menus or help.

What to hand in: