Homework 6:  Zoomable Visualization Design

The goal of this homework is to creatively design a visualization of an information space using zooming and overview concepts.

Software:  Download and install the KidPad 1.0 software.  Read the User Guide to learn the buttons and key commands.  For further info, Kidpad is based on the Jazz toolkit for zoomable Java applications.  Alternatively, you can use the KidPad software in the McBryde 104c HCI lab (during day-time hours only; contact Jacob for assistance).

Important notes about KidPad:

Design:  Use Kidpad to design an interactive zoomable visualization of an information topic of your choice.  Choose a topic that is rich enough to make visualization interesting.  Some topic ideas are:

Be creative. Include information of different data types, such as quantitative, tree-structured, spatial, and text data.  Your design should make good use of information visualization principles and the zooming concept, including:

Report:  Write a 1-page report that includes:

  1. Name and PID.
  2. Describe the essence of your design.  Is it successful?
  3. What data types did you include in your visualization?
  4. How does your design provide an overview of the information space?
  5. List some specific mappings you used to map data to graphics.
  6. How is your design similar to and different from a hypertext design with pages and hyperlinks?

Submit:  Send an email to your GTA (MW is Jacob; TTh is Kibum) with subject line "HCI homework6" that contains:

Hardcopy of report due in class, April 14/15.  Above email due by class time.