CS 3724 Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction, Fall 2005
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Dec 12: The remaining course slides have been posted.
Also, a reminder: bring your team member evaluation forms to the final exam.
Dec 6: Team member evaluation forms are posted as Deliverable #8 and are due in-class on Wednesday, Dec. 7, or at the start of the final exam.
Dec 1: The specification for Project Deliverable #7 (the Project Presentation) has been posted. For Deliverable #7, there is no written part, only the presentation in class on Monday, Dec. 5, or Wednesday, Dec. 7.
Nov 15: Deliverable #6: The specification for project deliverable #6 has been posted. The groups that need to re-demo for me should NOT start working on deliverable #6 until you have completed the re-demo. Deliverable #6 is due on Friday, Dec. 2.
Extra Credit Opportunities: I have posted information about extra credit opportunities on the extra credit section of the web site.
Nov 5: The informed consent form template for Deliverable #5 has been posted on the course web site.
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Robert Capra
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Pardha Pyla
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