Classroom Etiquette

  1. Talking to classmates during a presentation disrupts the normal learning environment. If you desire to engage in such behavior, the instructor can and may ask you leave the room.

  2. During the presentations, reading of materials, e.g. The Collegiate Times, Roanoke Times, Sports Illustrated, textbooks from other courses, etc., other than those appropriate for this course should not occur.

  3. Inform the instructor when you may have to arrive late or leave early, preferably in advance.

  4. If you arrive late to class, please sit down quietly near the entrance where you entered the room. If the class splits into groups then you will have the opportunity to move to your correct location at that time.

  5. If you have to leave early, please sit near the exit so that your departure does not disturb the class.

  6. Be patient and courteous to other students when they ask a question or make a statement, even when the subject may be obvious to you.

  7. Hats and sunglasses should not be worn in the classroom, particularly during examinations.

  8. Food should not be consumed in the classroom.

Added by the Spring 2002 Class:

1) No sleeping (and definitely no snoring).

2) No electronic devices of any kind (laptops, CELL PHONES, ... etc).

3) Do not start packing up until class is completely over.

4) Do not put sodas where people will knock them over.

Added by the Fall 1999 Class:

  1. Sleeping in class will not be tolerated (and especially snoring)

  2. Do not play games on hand-held systems or other electronic devices (including watch alarms and cell phones)

  3. Don't interrupt others

  4. Be polite in your speech and manners - no profanity or lewd language

Last updated 2002/01/16
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