Class Activity - Behavioral Analysis and Group Development


  1. Prior to the class each student should complete the Behavioral Analysis Self Rating Form and determine their Hemisphere Dominance and Energy Orientation scores, and type (controller, analyzer, promoter, or supporter). Print out the evaluation from the web (i.e. the web page that is produced after the self test has been submitted) or an a 3x5 index card (with the your name on top).

  2. With the evaluations in hand, you will be divided into groups that correspond to each of the four behavioral categories (controller, analyzer, promoter, or supporter), in the four corners of the room.Three newsprint sheets on the wall should be posted alongside each group. Select three "data gatherers" from your group who will record group responses on the newsprint sheets. Each group will answer the following two questions and create a tee-shirt with a logo for their group:

    [NOTE: It is useful if you have already labeled the newsprint sheets with these questions and your group title.]

  3. When the class comes back together report on the results of your survey.

  4. Discuss the meanings and symbolism behind the tee-shirt designs and logos.

  5. After the class explore the needs and opportunities for each behavioral type, and how it is necessary for members of a group to know each other's characteristics and what they must learn to be able to work together. Within each group (yet to be formed) do not be afraid to let the others know what your preferences are, and to discuss how the group will work best on projects. Look at the recommendations regarding how you must work one on one with each other.

  6. Later Groups will meet together for the first time with the task of identifying their behavioral types and to establish an "infrastructure" for their activities. Examine the recommended ways in which indidual members react with each other.

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