Behavioral Characteristics

Persons With

Controlling Style

Analyzing Style

Promoting Style

Supporting Style

Need to learn: humility, feelings, to listen to others, to follow.
initiation, to act, to enjoy, to appear wrong.
discipline, to think it through, to pause.
determination, to reach for goals, to act without agreement.
Measure progress by: results.
Goal oriented: many run over people to get there.
Keep busy and the results will fall into place.
active, dominant feedback from audience.
Likes to have others acknowledge them.
Must be allowed to: know the score.
Get into competitive situations & win (or appear to).
be let off the hook, not cornered or pressured.
get ahead quickly with a fast moving challenge.
relax & feel good about the people around them.
Need leadership which: allows them freedom to do things their way.
structures a framework or track to follow.
inspires them to bigger and better accomplishments.
details specific plans and activities.
Want to save: time.
They come across as busy and efficient.
They hate to look bad or get caught without data.
They like to take the easy way.
Friendship means a lot to them.
Take endorsements from: getting the job done well and on time.
They relate to others around information.
social skills.
They like to be good at winning people over.
If they still like me, I must be doing it right.
Become most effective with: positions of authority and responsibility.
avenues to apply logical analysis.
some direction with which to reach goal.
structure and methods to reach goal.
Rely on the power of: competence.
Knows they're strong enough to wing it.
When in doubt, bring in more data.
Expects their winning ways will carry them through.
The ability to please others will save the day
On the job, excels at: organization, development, planning, coordination.
research and development analysis, statistics, data gathering.
promotion, ideas drama, selling, graphic art.
service, social or relationship tasks, personnel teaching.
Express emotion High Negative Low Positive Low Negative Low Positive High Positive High Negative High Positive Low Negative
Typically position themselves emotion Low physical contact/Forward and directing high eye contact Restricted Low eye contact High animation Dramatic Unrestricted High Physical contact Relaxed Gentle

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