Computer Science 3604

Course Outline

Note: This is the OFFICIAL Course Outline as approved by the Univerity Commission on Undergraduate Studies in Spring 1994; the actual course outline for a particular semester is listed under calendar.

  • 1. The history of computing
  • a. An overview of the development of the technology
  • b. Studies of the impact of historical innovation on science, technology and the society
  • 2. Computers in everyday usage and their impact: Case studies selected from:
  • a. Business applications
  • b. Recreation
  • c. Health professions
  • d. Education
  • e. Communications
  • f. Handicapped persons
  • g. Libraries and information services
  • h. Government and military systems
  • i. Transportation
  • j. Human factors, usability of systems
  • 3. Computer crime, security and protection
  • a. Risks of computation
  • b. Physical and logical security
  • c. Hacking and crime
  • d. Protective systems
  • e. Reliability and factors of safety
  • 4. Computer and professional ethics
  • a. Legal requirements
  • b. Professional ethics
  • c. Liability and registration
  • d. Computers and privacy
  • e. Intellectual property rights
  • 5. Role and responsibility of computer scientists
  • a. In industrial settings
  • b. In education
  • c. As scientists

  • References

    See also the complete bibliography of materials and readings related to this course.

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