Is a distance learning course a good choice for you?

Would a distance learning course fit your lifestyle, study habits, work and home situation? Find out! Take this questionnaire.

Distance Learning Course Questionnaire:

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  1. My need to take this distance learning course is
    High - I need it for graduation, my major, or my job.
    Medium - I could take it later, on campus, or at a campus center, or I could substitute another course.
    Low - I am taking it for personal interest and I could take the course anytime.

  2. Feeling that I am part of a conventional class is
    Not especially necessary for me.
    Somewhat important for me.
    Very important for me.

  3. When I have an important job to do, I usually
    Get it done ahead of time.
    Need reminding to get it done on time.
    Put it off until the last minute.

  4. Classroom discussion is
    Not usually too helpful to me.
    Sometimes helpful.
    Often very helpful to me.

  5. When an instructor hands out instructions for an assignment, I usually prefer to
    Figure out the instructions for myself.
    Try to follow instructions on my own, and ask for help when I need it.
    Have the instructions explained to me.

  6. I like to get an instructor's comments on my exams and assignments
    Within a couple of weeks, so I can review what I did.
    Within a few days, or I forget what I did.
    Right away, or I get frustrated.

  7. Considering my schedule, the amount of time I expect to devote to this distance learning course is
    More than enough time for a conventional class or a distance learning course.
    About the same time as for a conventional class.
    Less time than I would devote to a conventional class.

  8. When asked to use computers, electronic mail, voice-mail, program my VCR or try other technologies new to me
    I look forward to learning new skills, and usually I master them quickly.
    I'm a little nervous, but I try them anyway.
    I put them off or avoid them.

  9. As a reader I am
    Very confident. I understand textbooks easily, with little or no help.
    Average. Sometimes I need help. Sometimes I need a tutor.
    Troubled with textbooks. I have trouble understanding them. I depend on lectures, discussion, and tutoring.

  10. I can easily and conveniently get to the main campus
    At nearly any time.
    On evenings or Saturdays, if I schedule myself carefully.
    Almost never. I would have great difficulty getting to the Blacksburg campus at any time.

  11. I have completed
    More than 50 college credits.
    25-49 college credits.
    Fewer than 24 college credits.

  12. My grade average (GPA) is
    3.2 or above.
    Below 2.4


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