Spring Semester 2002

Schedule for
Exam Section: 10M

Date: 06-MAY-02
Begin Time: 7:45AM
End Time: 9:45AM

Be sure to check with your Instructor BEFORE the exam to make sure this date and time is correct.

A student with conflicting examinations, or with more than two officially scheduled examinations in twenty-four hours may reschedule an examination with permission sought by the student from the student's college dean No later than 3 weeks prior to the start of Final Examinations and by arrangement with the appropriate instructor. No fee will be charged.

Examinations for one credit hour courses are scheduled by the instructor to be held in a regular class meeting before these close. The instructors of classes which do not follow the University's regular class schedules such as W, F classes must schedule their exams through the Office of the University Registrar and convey this information to their students.