PART II: Essay

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Answer each question below on the back of this sheet. No Additional pages should be used. Each question is worth 25 points.

  • On the first day of this course I introduced you to a set of "American values" as part of a progression to develop "community guidelines" from which we might develop a basis for judging the appropriateness of our actions. This was followed by the "Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics" and eventually by several codes developed by computer-related organizations. The "standard" against which we have chosen to judge ethical situations has been the ACM Code of Ethics. In several of the debates the opinion was expressed that such a code was only applicable to members of that organization who had agreed to abide by its precepts. In the US, as the only well established code associated with computer related activities, is it by default the "community standard" and thus applicable to a wider community that just members of the ACM? If not, why not? Justify your answer.

  • Landreth described Hackers in terms of their impact on the systems that they intrude upon: Describe each of these types of Hacker and the risk of having each enter your system.

  • There are four types of protection that can be applied to most any product, including software: Explain how each provides intellectual property protection as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each methodology.
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