CS 3604 -- Professionalism

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Survey of WWW Usage -- ANSWERS

1. How often do you check into the CS 3604 class WWW pages?
daily9% 31%11%10%22%10%36%
biweekly30% 50%42%50%42%31%36%
once a week30% 15%33%33%25%49%29%
less frequently 30%4%13%7%10%10%0%
2. What facility do you primarily use?
Home system41% 62%62%77%92%90%92%
CS laboratory (McB 116) 7%31%24%17%5%5%3%
One of the University Macintosh laboratories 43%4%7%3%3%3%5%
Other 7%4%7%3%0%3%0%
3. What platform do you primarily use?
DECstation (any variety) 0%27%42%33%27%20%0%
Amiga 0%11%11%0%0%0%0%
IBM or clone 47%54%2%60%67%72%97%
Other 2%0%0%3%0%3%0%
4. Do you print off pages from the WWW?
Always 4% 8%4%3%5%3%6%
frequently25% 15%22%23%30%29%31%
assignments only43% 61%60%57%45%55%63%
never 28%15%13%17%20%13%0%
5. Do you read long articles from a screen or do you print them for reading?
from screen69% 88%80%57%65%68%60%
from printed page 31%12%20%40%35%31%40%
6. What page do you use as your primary entry point?
Course home page81% 84%67%67%75%79%26%
index/site map6% 12%13%13%10%0%69%
announcements page4% 0%2%3%0%*3%0%
other 9%4%17%17%15%18%6%
* The announcements page was dropped in favor of the use of LISTSERV.
7. I use a hotlist to navigate through the WWW:
Yes 26% 85%71%93%90%87%83%
No 74%15%29%3%7%13%17%
8. How many items do your have on your hotlist (estimate)?
less than 572% 12%20%3%10%8%9%
6-1014% 36%20%13%24%8%9%
10-206% 20%16%23%15%26%29%
more than 20 8%32%43%60%51%59%54%
9. Compared to having notes on file at the reserve desk of the library, is the use of WWW:
much better40% 68%71%66%66%69%81%
more convenient45% 24%24%27%32%28%19%
less convenient9% 4%4%3%2%3%0%
a disaster 6%4%0%3%0%0%0%
10. Having course notes and class materials available on WWW is:
overwhelming8% 23%4%0%7%5%9%
useful74% 73%87%86%80%87%86%
better than nothing13% 4%4%7%7%8%6%
useless6% 0%4%7%5%0%0%
11 Having on-line course information that can be updated regularly so that I can always find out the latest information about the course is:
Overdoing things 9% 8%7%0%2%10%3%
OK83% 81%87%97%85%89%89%
distracting2% 8%7%3%10%0%6%
waste of time 6%4%0%0%2%0%3%
12. I am learning more about WWW in this course than I am about the topic of the course:
True17% 13%4%7%2%10%0%
somewhat true44% 17%27%10%15%8%11%
somewhat false19% 13%69%17%22%18%14%
false 19%58%0%67%61%64%74%
13. There are pages and links on the WWW related to this course that I have never visited:
True71% 88%78%87%98%100%97%
False 25%12%22%3%2%0%3%
14. I would like to see MORE reading material anywhere on the WWW rather than having to visit the library or buy the book:
True43% 61%49%53%59%59%37%
somewhat true21% 27%27%30%29%26%46%
somewhat false19% 8%18%3%10%10%9%
false17% 4%7%13%5%5%9%
15. When I get on WWW to visit the class notes I also visit many other sites on the web:
True40% 46%17%60%56%44%41%
somewhat true26% 31%47%30%29%39%50%
somewhat false9% 11%20%3%7%10%9%
false 25%12%16%13%7%8%0%
16. I like the idea that the material presented in class is also available on the WWW:
True73% 81%71%83%78%82%91%
somewhat true 15% 19%27%7%17%18%6%
somewhat false 6% 0%0%10%5%0%3%
17. I would pay a fee for WWW access to copyrighted material rather than buying the book (assuming that the overall cost was less than the cost of the book):
True28% 28%11%17%17%10%17%
somewhat true32% 32%24%30%32%20%26%
somewhat false16% 20%24%17%20%28%29%
false 24%20%40%37%32%41%29%
18. I would like to see the WWW class notes expanded to include additional material that is not generally included in overheads and on chalk boards:
True37% 42%29%33%22%21%26%
somewhat true46% 27%42%43%34%45%43%
somewhat false8% 23%11%7%22%21%23%
false 8%8%18%17%22%13%9%
19. The idea of doing collaborative work, such as the debates, using WWW (or an equivalent system) is attractive to me:
True32% 39%22%13%42%33%29%
somewhat true24% 39%40%37%24%38%37%
somewhat false20% 15%18%33%17%15%26%
false20% 8%20%17%17%13%9%
20. Often I want to do work on this course but getting to the WWW is too difficult and so I do something else:
True52% 15%13%0%5%5%0%
somewhat true16% 23%20%23%20%8%14%
somewhat false16% 19%14%23%10%23%24%
false16% 42%52%53%66%64%62%
21. There are better ways of providing student access to course materials than using WWW, such as:
Class hand-outs44% 39%68%70%74%50%63%
on reserve at the library17% 35%3%0%3%3%0%
available at a copy center35% 0%8%15%3%19%19%
other 4%26%21%15%19%28%19%
22. The idea of a paperless course is ridiculous:
True16% 4%13%13%13%13%21%
somewhat true32% 16%24%33%28%20%25%
somewhat false24% 28%24%27%33%31%19%
false28% 52%38%27%27%36%36%
23. The concept of a paperless course should be extended to make all assignments, examinations, and student interaction through WWW or e-mail:
True52% 15%9%30%20%31%25%
somewhat true32% 27%31%23%29%33%21%
somewhat false8% 38%24%30%24%13%21%
false 8% 19%26%17%27%23%32%
24. I would welcome other courses using this technology to present class materials:
True20% 69%56%53%66%59%64%
somewhat true60% 15%29%33%24%33%21%
somewhat false16% 4%4%7%7%5%11%
false4% 11%11%7%2%3%4%
25. WWW will only work in a course when it is dealing with a non-technical topic:
True24% 19%9%0%0%0%4%
somewhat true32% 23%7%27%17%20%11%
somewhat false20% 0%16%13%22%33%22%
false 24%58%68%60%61%46%63%
26. I believe that I could successfully complete a course from the WWW without ever going to class:
True20% 27%27%23%29%46%33%
somewhat true28% 19%33%27%24%26%18%
somewhat false24% 27%18%30%27%18%18%
false28% 27%22%20%20%10%30%
27. Entries on the WWW should consist only of the outlines of articles and books for emphasis, and the originals should be made available on reserve at the library:
True36% 0%7%3%5%13%0%
somewhat true16% 11%25%9%10%15%15%
somewhat false48% 23%25%17%24%31%31%
false 0%65%43%53%61%41%54%
28. I would prefer paper to the WWW material because I can highlight and write on paper notes:
True20% 27%36%3%15%26%12%
somewhat true32% 8%24%57%42%28%46%
somewhat false8% 35%20%20%20%26%23%
false40% 31%20%20%24%20%19%
29. The use of images to break up the look of pages makes the pages look more attractive and eye catching:
True76% 62%38%60%54%36%50%
somewhat true16% 38%44%30%39%49%50%
somewhat false8% 0%16%7%5%10%0%
false 0%0%2%3%2%5%0%
30. The use of "pretty" images in the text of a WWW page takes a long time to down load and display, and should be discouraged:
True32% 4%24%13%17%13%15%
somewhat true44% 23%36%47%29%41%54%
somewhat false16% 50%27%20%29%31%19%
31. When I use a browser, I generally work with the "auto-load images" option turned off:
True44% 8%4%7%2%5%0%
somewhat true12% 15%16%13%2%13%4%
somewhat false4% 19%9%13%15%8%8%
32. I miss out on information about the course because I do not have ready access to the WWW pages.
True24% 11%7%7%5%3%0%
somewhat true36% 15%11%13%7%8%4%
somewhat false8% 8%7%13%10%8%4%
false32% 65%76%67%78%82%92%
33. So far, which part of the course do you like best?
History of Computing32% 46%26%24%30%31%7%
Computers in Everyday Usage and Their Impact28% 23%21%10%22%29%7%
Computer/Professional Codes of Conduct4% 8%19%10%18%8%22%
On Being a Scientist and a Professional36% 8%19%24%10%11%15%
Legal Concerns36%0%16%31%18%21%33%
Individual Presentations0% 15%2%0%3%0%0%
Debates0% 0%0%0%0%0%15%
34. I am finding that I do a better job at writing since I started this course:
True 8% 11%7%7%0%5%4%
somewhat true37% 31%20%52%32%36%18%
somewhat false8% 35%16%17%17%26%22%
false46% 23%58%24%51%33%56%
In questions 35 and 36 how would you describe yourself?XX%
A night owl56% 44%40%36%44%49%37%
well organized36% 28%37%44%24%28%30%
disorganized8% 16%14%12%7%13%26%
9-5 type 0%23%9%8%22%10%7%
Extrovert20% 44%11%4%10%15%0%
Outgoing40% 28%40%39%39%36%46%
Quiet 28% 16%33%36%27%26%31%
Introverted 12%12%16%21%22%23%23%
37. Which browser do you use?

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