An Exercise in Critical Thinking and Editorial Review

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Like many other exercises, the best place to start with learning about writing is to review and criticize someone else's work. This first assignment will assist you in familiarizing you with the problems of writing and the pitfalls that you can expect to find in your own work. You should review the section of the pages on writing which refer to the process of reviewing.


Through the WWW locate the article on Tolerance. Print off a copy and read it. As you read it mark it up (preferably with a red marker) for spelling and grammatical errors. Then concern yourself with the three other items mentioned in the "process of reviewing" article:

Answer these questions by giving specific examples on how the paper may be improved.

Then answer these questions:

Due Date: 28 September 1998


NOTE: It is NOT necessary to include a journal with this assignment.

Grading sheet.

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