FALL 1998

and Debate Presentation Schedule

UPDATED 98/08/25

Each group listed below will be responsible for the management of an on-line debate during the dates noted, and then will be required to make a presentation on the discussion approximately 10 days later. For more information on the mechanics of the debates and the presentation click here. These groups should also be the the source of peer reviewers for Assignment No. 3. That is, each group should organize the review of each other's report from among their members.

After the drop date for classes some groups have fallen down to 3 people, with the minimum of movement we have tried to even the groups up. If anyone feels that they would like to change groups, then it is their own responsibility to negotiate an exchange. When the exchange is agreed, then it is encumbent on both parties to inform me.

Group Assignments

Group # Group Members
1 Mirman, Steve
Harris, Bradley
Daczewitz, Derek
Cutter, James
Petty, Bryce
2 Evans, Jessee
Shock, Jason
Wilett, Eddie
Gay, Ryan
Kurdi, Sahal
3 Boling, Evan
Slater, Kent
Logie, Chris
Brown, Ryan
Nguyen, Phung
4 George, Pat
Morris, Cullen
Bouck, Kevin
Allen, David
Lamb, Bert
5 Beale, Marcus
Fisher, James
Abdulmoen, Remzy
Grove, Joshua
Archer, Jim
6 Young, Alan
Rioux, Glen
Andresen, Jason
Buck, Shawn
Whited, James
7 Jalbert, Chris
Phillips, Rob
Egge, Nathan
8 Davis, Michael
Caron, Jason
Shell, Eric
McCrag, Paul
Brown, Angie
9 Fox, Owen
Dawson, Shawn
Bell, Mike
Uri, Brian
Wang, Pei-Yan
10 Reynolds, Shad
Buonaccorsi, Mike
Hagan, Ryan
Baker, Rich
Jenkins, Conrad
11 Harris, Justin
Yhen, Chi
Wagner, Scott
Steward, Brandon
Bartlett, Dave
12 Carper, Gray
Turner, Jonathan
Turner, Jason
Barth, Michael
Gronewald, Jed

Debate Schedule

Last updated 98/08/25
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