Individual Presentations

Your individual presentation is an opportunity for you to get some practice in speaking in front of a group. Your talk should last approximately, but no more than, four minutes. It should cover a topic that interests you and that is relevant to the course. Ideas for topics may be taken from newspaper articles, magazines, technical journals, books, or from your own personal experiences.

You will not be graded on this presentation, but failure to present will adversely affect your class participation grade. You will receive evaluations from your fellow students as well as from the instructor and the graduate teaching assistant. Evaluation criteria include: content, organization, delivery, and use of visual aids. The criteria for this exercise were determined in the Fall 1997 class.

In addition to your presentation you will be asked to evaluate the presentations of other students. Evaluation forms will be provided to you for this purpose. Completion of these evaluations will also be a factor in determining your class participation grade.

A schedule for individual presentations will be posted as soon as possible. Be sure to check both the day that you are scheduled to make your individual presentation.


A sample five minute presentation is on-line as the class notes for the topic of Hacking. Originally an individual presentation, this was turned into a set of class notes by adding links and doing some formatting.

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