Decision Making Exercise


The purpose of this exercise is twofold:

  1. To provide feedback on the class' understanding of the techniques of presentation, and to share these understandings with fellow students, and
  2. To provide a democratic means of evaluation of individuals by their peers.

Time: Action

10:00 Individuals will make their choice of the three most important evaluation criteria in each of the three categories of content, presentation, and graphics for judging student's performance during the individual presentations which start next week. Each person fills in sheet 1.

10:10 Each group will meet together, select a leader, and chose the four most important criteria. Leader fills in sheet 2 and collects the individual sheets from the group.

While individuals are not part of the committees now being formed, one empty chair will be available within each group that any individual can occupy for NO MORE THAN 2 minutes to participate in further discussion. The chair of each group must enforce the time limit.

10:20 Committees of leaders (to be assigned) will meet together, select a representative of each committee, and will chose the five most important criteria. The Representative fills in sheet 3 and collects the individual sheets from the leaders. While individuals may watch these proceedings, they are not permitted any input or commentary, they are not permitted any input or commentary to these activities.

10:30 The representatives of the committees will meet together (at the front of the room), choose a chairman who will present the final selection to the whole class. The representatives meet and choose the six most important criteria in each category. The chairman fills in sheet 4 and collects the individual sheets from the representatives.

10:40 The chairman will present the final choice of criteria to the whole class and turn in all the individual decision sheets.

This process involves discussion -- I suggest you review the guidelines for discussion included in this set of notes.

The final choices of criteria for judging individual presentations will be posted on the WWW as soon as possible.


      CONTENT         PRESENTATION          GRAPHICS      


      CONTENT         PRESENTATION          GRAPHICS      


      CONTENT         PRESENTATION          GRAPHICS      


      CONTENT         PRESENTATION          GRAPHICS      

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