There are several different kinds of assignment that will be used in this class:

At the end of the course you will have to hand in the collection of all your assignments in a PORTFOLIO. This will contain not only your written assignments and journals, but also the scripts (or notes) and graphics for your presentations, and the review conducted for a colleague.

Writing Assignments:Assigned report
Evaluative Questions
Individual Presentations:None at the time of presentation
Your script and overheads
should be your portfolio
Debates:None at the time of presentation
The group script and overheads
for the summary presentation
should be in your portfolio;
Copies of your personal contributions
to the on-line debates
should be in your portfolio
In-class projects:In each class project
you will have a sheet to fill in
as part of your contribution
to the group activity;
these should be in your portfolio.

Late Policy

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