International Aspects of Professionalism



It is the objective of this project to develop lesson plans and active learning scenarios to support the teaching, learning, and understanding of students in computer science courses that include studies of: in differing countries and with a view to giving the students a better understanding of the differences in approaches to the application of these concepts.


This project is part of a University-wide initiative to broaden courses in all disciplines by studying the international aspects of the field. In Spring 2000 the initial part of this topic was tackled by students in the "Professionalism" class; your task is to use the materials developed in that project and to compare the responses to case studies from the US and another country.

Each group should study the materials available on-line on this web site for the assigned topic in both the US and the assigned country. Then choose a scenario (or from another source of your own choosing) and develop the responses that would be likely based on the laws and customs of the US and the assigned country. Study the constitution, applicable law, and customs of the US and the country you are assigned, and explain how these influence the response likely in those countries. DO NOT RELY on the evaluation of these elements as possibly given in the work of the prior group - it may be wrong! The discussion portion of these responses should following the lines of the critical thinking template. Compare and comment on these responses. The outcome of this project will be in two parts: each group will be asked to make a 15 minute presentation on their findings in class (see the table below) and will write a report that can added to the web site for the particular country. It is IMPORTANT that groups with the same topic (privacy, freedom of speech, or censorship) choose DIFFERENT scenarios for the comparison. Use the course LISTSERV® system to stake the group's claims to a particular scenario.

An example of the format of your hand-in is to be found here.

Group No.
Country for comparison
NOTE: While retaining the primary topic, any group that chooses to work on a country other than one of those already covered (see the front pages for Censorship, Freedom of Speech or Privacy), will be eligible for a 25% bonus.


Due Dates

See the Assignments Calendar - remember that there are TWO parts to the reporting on this project, the in-class presentation and the HTML report.


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