Assignment #3



NOTE: This assignment is going to take some REAL library work; it cannot be completed at the last minute.

The computer has had a serious impact on society and business in the past 50-plus years, but perhaps nowhere as great as in the expectations of jobs. Review the class notes on the Impact of the Computer (in Powerpoint) and especially those slides that discuss the changes in job descriptions resulting from the need to have employees use the computer to complete their tasks, or as a result of the jobs having been changed to accommodate the use of the computer.

Your assignment is to make a collection of employer advertisements for specific jobs over a period of several decades from the newspaper files in the library (many will be available only on microfilm) and to write a 2000-word essay on the changes in these job descriptions that have resulted from the insertion of the computer into the associated field. It is suggested that you should locate job requirements for 4 different occupations, preferably in significantly different areas and for significantly differing educational backgrounds. The following table is one example of an appropriate set of employment positions:

 Educational Levels
 High SchoolCommunity

This assignment is to be accomplished in two stages. You should prepare a substantial draft that you can hand to a colleague (in your own group) for mark-up and review no later than the date in the calendar. Once the colleague has completed the review they should give a copy to you so that you can improve your essay. They will file a copy of the review as part of their own hand-in, and you should include a copy in your submission. Make sure that the initial draft in clearly marked with your name and e-mail address; the review should state who is doing the review and for whom. Note in your journal how this review assisted you in completing your assignment.


Your hand-ins for this assignment will include (in this order):
  1. The grading sheet as the cover;
  2. For the review of your initial draft:
    1. The initial paper draft of your report marked up by colleague;
    2. The review of the report on your work done by your colleague on paper;
  3. For the review that you did for a colleague:
    1. A copy of the initial draft by your colleague, marked up by you;
    2. A copy of the review that you wrote for a colleague;
  4. For your final, revised essay:
    1. A paper copy with a word count;
    2. with the file (HTML formatted) on an PC Formatted diskette. The primary file should be named <your last name>.HTM, with your name truncated to eight characters. Remember that on PC formatted diskettes all files names are in upper case so your file names should be similarly in upper case. Label the diskette with your last name also.
  5. The diary and journal of your experiences, carefully answering the questions posed in the page on writing.

Due Date:

See Assignments Calendar.

Grading Sheet

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