Length: 3 pages + Cover Sheet

Subject: Resumé, Cover Letter and Career Plans Statement

You are to create a one-page resumé and a sample cover letter as an application for employment. Select a company from a Web site, personal experience, or a Career Service employment bulletin as the target recipient for your cover letter. If you do not have the name of a company contact person, invent a name. You are building a template for future cover letters. This assignment will be heavily graded on mechanics, style, and tone.

The resumé must be prepared in HTML format so that you may post it on your web site. Print the HTML file on paper and bring to class as directed in the calendar. Make sure that your URL is clearly printed as a header or footer on the printed page.

Then write a half-page statement of what your career plans are. In what position do you plan to start, and how do you plan to progress from there? What do you anticipate will be your job description in ten (10) years time?

The GRADING FORM must be used as the COVER SHEET for the assignment. [Do not confuse the Cover Sheet, with the Cover Letter!]

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