Assignment Calendar Spring 2002

Written Assignments:

Due Date Assignment
Jan. 21 Assignment #1 Bring the draft of resumé to class on paper and place on your web site.
Feb. 4 Assignment #1 Hand-in.
Feb. 25 Assignment #2 Hand-in.
Mar. 11 Assignment #3 Ready for peer review and exchange with a colleague.
Mar. 15 Assignment #3 Review returned to original author (in class).
Mar. 18 Assignment #3 Hand-in final, revised project together with copies of the review you did and the review done for you.
Mar. 25 Work on Assignment #4 starts
April 03 Group work on Assignment #5 begins.
April. 15 Assignment #4 Report ready for a five minute presentation and individual and group reports ready for hand-in.
TBA Assignment #5 to be presented in class by groups.
April 29 Assignment #5 DUE.
May 1 Portfolios due.

Preparation Assignments:

You have three assignments (ADA report, Debate summary, and International Aspectsr eport) that involve your speaking to the class. For each of these activities you are required to prepare and hand-in (1) an outline of your script for each presentation, and (2) copies of the graphical visuals that you use to support your presentation. These will be handed in as part of the portfolio.

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