Computer Science 3604
Grading Sheet - Writing assignment #1


Name:_______________________________________________ Number of words________


Organization (80 points)

______/5 Personal information
______/5 Objective(s)
______/5 Education
______/10 Experience, etc.
______/5 Length (can be more than one page)

Cover letter:
______/5 Why you are writing - 1st paragraph
______/5 Summary of your skills - 2nd paragraph
______/5 Contact information - 3rd paragraph
______/5 Writer will contact company
______/5 Resume enclosed (2nd or 3rd paragraph)
______/5 Length (one page only)
______/5 Appearance (must "look good", with address, salutation, etc.)

Career Plans:
______/5 Initial position and justification
______/5 Succeeding goal
______/5 Anticipated job description for ten years out

Style and Tone (20 points)
______/10 Resume should be crisp. Avoid long paragraphs, wordy descriptions, repetition, undefined acronyms.
______/10 Cover letter should also be crisp, to the point, first paragraph no more than 6 lines, second 10 lines, third 6 lines. Good business writing.

Mechanics (20 NEGATIVE points)
______/5 --Misspelling or typos
______/5 --Slang, clichés
______/5 --Bad grammar
______/5 --Unexplained/inappropriate abbreviations

Total Points (100 points)
Did you have someone proofread this writing and then revise it based on their comments? ___________

Did you consult with the Writing Center on this assignment? ___________
If so, please comment on what happened:


On my honor, I have not received nor given any inappropriate assistance in the completion of this assignment.


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