We Survived the Y2K Bug
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During the last two years of the century we heard more and more about the potential problems associated with computers that were running "legacy" programs that used a two-digit representation of the year. This collection of pages is simply a means to bring several different points of view together so that we might discuss the issues in class. The problems are not only programming "errors" (I do not believe they are bugs) but also the responsibilities and liabilities of the originators of the code.

Though thought by many to be a problem recognized in the 1990s, in fact the "bug" was brought to the attention of the community in a book entitled Computers in Crisis by Jerome T. Murray and Marilyn J. Murray, published by Petrocelli Books in 1984. The book was reissued, in slightly revised form, as The Year 2000 Computer Problem, by McGraw-Hill in 1996.

National Commission on the Year 2000 Computer Problem


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