Associazione Italiana per l'Informatica ed il Calcolo Automatico

English translation provided November 1993

"I, .............. (First and second Name), member of AICA, affirms of being, particularly in such a capacity, pledged to carry out his professional duties - as an employee or as an entrepreneur - with deep professional honesty and aware that this implies:

1 ) A constant personal engagement in keeping updated on the developments of informatics in the fields that are more directly connected to his activity.

2) To make full use of all his competence in carrying out his duties, at least up to the level that he declared to have when he accepted them, and not to declare to have a higher level of competence than the one he effectively has.

3) To maintain the most compete secrecy on the data and news concerning his employer or clients.

4) To have conscience of the possible social impact of his work.

5) Impartiality in the decisions he will take or suggest and to be frank in declaring his possible actual interests in the choices of solutions of problems he is dealing with.

6) To be conscious of the responsibility he has in consequence of the most technical aspects of his activity - beginning with those of analysis and programming - because they are unfamiliar to other people, and because they can cause severe negative consequences if improperly used.

7) To avoid using non understandable languages when proposing solutions of problems identified or submitted to his attention, keeping constantly aware that such use may even unwillingly, hide substantial aspects.

He pledges also to renounce to his own economic interest, or to the economic interest of his employer, when acting on behalf or in name of the Society (AICA). "

Edited 94/10/04.
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