Tuesday, October 19, 1999

Hacker hits roanoke.com

Someone got into the eb site and replaced some category headings with an obscene word.

    Internet users searching for educational information on roanoke.com's Community Guide web site got a lesson in something they probably were not expecting Sunday night and Monday morning.

    Someone hacked into the web site -- which lists community groups and activities in Southwest Virginia -- and replaced some of the category headings with an obscene word, said Andrea Gibson, community editor for roanoke.com. The word also appeared on the Newspaper in Education web site.

    Gibson said the obscene word was on the site for about 12 hours and was erased just after 8 a.m. Monday. Only obscene text was posted on the site.

    The web site is managed by Zip2, a server in Mountain View, Calif. The company is investigating, but no charges stemming from the accident have been filed, Gibson said.

    "I'm assuming it was just some kid who got in there and figured it out," Gibson said.

    The password has been changed and additional security measures have been put in place, Gibson said.

    The site received about 17,000 hits in September.


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