The objective of this class is to study the impact of computers on the workplace from the point of view of both the effect on the work activities and on the people involved. The latter impact can be subdivided into two categories: A major outcome of this class is the understanding of the three stages of computer insertion:
  1. Task replacement by computer;
  2. Task efficiency, proficiency, and productivity improvement by computer; and
  3. New task insertion that would have been impossible without computerization.

Class Notes on Impact

Powerpoint Presentation: The Social Impact of the Computer

Class Notes on Ergonomics

Class Projects

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Class Assignments

(including a collection of reports on Computer Impact from earlier classes).

An excellent example of the use of the computer (Internet specifically) in a democratic society is to be found in the article "Democracy on the Net: One board member's digital newsletter" by James C. Klagge (Last accessed 99/10/04).

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