Who Uses Computers?

On 10 February 1995, The Roanoke Times and World-News published the results of a survey, conducted by the Roanoke College Center for Community Research, on who uses computers in the Roanoke Valley. The margin for error in the survey is 5%. Among demographic subgroups the error may be larger.

Do you have a computer in your home?

Who's got computers?

Baby Boomers

Age versus percentage ownership.

College Educated

Educational level versus ownership

The affluent

Annual income versus ownership

How do computer Owners use their computers?

Who are the surfers?

That's computer talk for cruising, or "surfing" the Internet, the global network of networks. They're well paid, white guys, who have been to college.

It would be interesting to compare these figures with Blacksburg, at least, and perhaps the country in general. We are told that 75% of all households in Blacksburg own a computer.
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