1. Shoulder surfing is a simple technique used to determine:

  1. passwords that are in encrypted form in a file
  2. a user's password from reading keystrokes (**)
  3. the activities that a user engages in during a session

2. Landreth described Hackers in terms of their impact on the systems that they intrude upon:

Describe each of these types of Hacker and the risk of having each enter your system.

3. Hackers have a code of ethics. Is this statement an oxymoron (def: oxymoron n : conjoining contradictory terms as in `deafening silence')? Justify your answer.

YES NO (Circle one)


4. Crackers are a subset of hackers who break into computer systems with the intention of causing harm.

  1. True (**)
  2. False

Donn Parker three categories of a hacker are:

  1. benign, unsavory, malicious (**)
  2. educational, intruder, destroyer
  3. benign, malicious

5. The risk of intrusion into a network goes up as the square of the number of connections?

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