Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace

A Group 5 production


As a result of this study students will have an understanding of the potential for discrimination and harassment in the workplace, be able to recognize it, to protect themselves against it, and take appropriate steps if orwhen they find themselves subject to it, or if or when they see it being applied to others.

How diverse is the world?

Section 1:

What is Discrimination?

Section 2:

What is Harassment?

Section 3:

What Can We do to Help?

Section 4:

Are you being Discriminated Against or Sexually Harassed?


Produced as part of a class assignment in CS 3604, Department of Computer Science, Group 5: Ryan Wetherill, Brian Jaeger, Scott Mayberry, Steve Thompson, Fall 1997. Edited and modified by J.A.N. Lee, April 1998, January 2001.