Class Activities

Option 1: Every day, more and more people are becoming aware of the need to include people with disabilities. Find a recent news article about an assistive technology device or software and discuss how it helps include people with disabilities.

Option 2: One of the greatest assets of assistive technology is that, more often than not, these devices are beneficial to everyone. Find a piece of assistive technology and describe how it is useful to those without disabilities.

Option 3: Select a specific disability to assume. Trace through what you've done today. How would your chosen disability effect the ways that you would have to approach what you do in your daily life? In groups, come up with a list of the difficulties you would experience in this class as a result of your disability. How could those difficulties be addressed? (Author: Caitlin Kelleher)

Option 4: As a Computer Scientist, you have an understanding of how technology can be applied to specific problems. Select a disability and discuss what kinds of technologies could be used to address this disability. Does the technology you discussed have the possibility to make a significant improvement in performing your task? Would this technology allow a disabled person to perform this task with the same ease that you do? (Author: Caitlin Kelleher)

Option 5: Form groups of 4-6 people. Pick an philanthropical organization which benefits people with disabilities. Setup and implement a fund raiser on-campus or in town to raise money for the organization your group decided on. The fund raiser must be some form of empathy training that not only raises money but raises awareness as well. Ideas for events that can serve a as empathy training could be a wheelchair basketball contest, a wheelchair obstacle course, beeper ball softball, sensory perception workshop, and many other ideas. It may be a good idea to assign specific tasks to each group member, such as, public relations, event setup, etc. (Author: Robert Loadwick)

Option 6: Research, in depth, a topic related to disabilities. From your research develop a presentation for the class and a supporting written report. (Author: Robert Loadwick)

A Week-long Project - "walk a mile in my shoes"

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