4 March 1995


The Hong Kong Government has once again exposed itself and the territory's reputation to international ridicule with Friday's raids against and shut-down of seven Internet suppliers.

The raids not only severed links to the Internet and international E-mail for up to 10,000 companies and individuals without warning, but they also indicate a complete breakdown in communication between two government departments, the Police Commercial Crime Bureau (CCB) and the Office of the Telecommunications Authority (OFTA).

In this regard the following points must be raised and will be discussed at a press conference and open forum on Monday March 6. This event is planned to be held at the Foreign Correspondents Club at 3PM, however this venue has yet to be confirmed. Confirmation of venue and time can be obtained by calling (852) 2866-6018 on Monday morning.

Monday's event will be hosted by one of the affected providers, Asia On-Line Ltd. Guest representing a cross section of the public and private sector will be invited to take part as will individuals now facing criminal charges over this issue.

Name: YEUNG Po-kei, Percy Territory: Tai Po, New Territories, HONG KONG Voice Telephone: (852)2606-9325 Pager: (852)116-3388 A/C 6481 Bulletin Board: (852)2658-9716 - SuperBoard BBS III InterNet EMail:, Facsimile: (852)2602-6814 Telex: 51666 KCRC HX

Note: Apparently Hong Kong Law requires internet users to pay a standard price per hour to the telephone company (a state monopoly) over and above the normal cost of telephone service. Thus the persons charged in these cases were perhaps inviolation of this requirement.

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